Subject: becoming a marine scientist

Mike Williamson (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 3:44:23 GMT+1200

Hi Melissa, 

Good to hear from you again. 
You asked about colleges in the USA  offering good programs in marine biology /marine mammal
research. Being based in New Zealand I don't have much first hand knowledge of this, but can recommend
the following institutions:

Texas A & M at Galveston- contact: Berndt Wursig
The University of California in San Diego 
																	(affiliated with the South West Fisheries
																											Centre of the National Marine Fisheries Service)
Woodshole Oceanographic Institute
University of Hawaii

You should also check out Whalenet's 'Marine Mammal Links and Information' for other good resources
and tips about pursuing a career in marine mammal science, as well as the Society for Marine Mammology
website at . There's supposed to be a link there from my page but I think the 
addresses got a bit muddled up.
You also asked about See World camps. I have not heard of these before but I checked out the Sea world website
and they look pretty good. You can find information on these camps and also more hints about careers in marine
science, university programs, field programs etc at
Another good way to get experience is to contact your local college or perhaps one in a nearby state which 
has a good marine science department eg Texas A & M at Galveston and see if anyone needs a volunteer to 
help out during the summer. You probably wouldn't get paid but it would be great experience.

Hope this helps you out.


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