Subject: Impact of swim-with-dolphins tourist operations

Mike Williamson (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 3:46:07 GMT+1200

Dear Angela, 

You asked where you might be able to find some statistics regarding the 
impact of swim-with-dolphins and whale-watching operations in New
Zealand on the breeding behaviour and distribution of the species 

Very little research has been done anywhere in the world to date 
addressing these important questions.  A comprehensive report commissioned 
by the New Zealand Department of Conservation summarising the status 
and potential impact of these tourist operations was recently completed 
(only a fortnight ago in fact) by one of the members of our lab,
 Rochelle Constantine. I think it will still be some time before this
report is made publically available (if ever), but I can direct you to 
Rochelle's very fine MSc thesis, entitled, 'Monitoring the commercial
swim-with-dolphin operations with the bottlenose (_Tursiops truncatus_)
 and common (_Delphinus delphis_) in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.'
School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland. 1995. 
You should be able to get a copy on interloan.

If you would like to ask Rochelle some questions directly, she will be 
back from the field on Friday. 

You can e-mail her at ''.

Good luck with your project. 


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