Subject: Re: A project with whales

Dr. Cathy Schaeff (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 14:15:09 +0000 wrote:
> My name is Katherine Barkocy and I am in a science research class.  We have
> to find a topic we are interested in and research it for science
> competitions.  I am really interested in whales but I don't know what I can
> research.  One problem that I have is that I am not around any place that
> would have whales, so it could not be hands-on.  If you have any suggestions,
> they will be definitely appreciated.  My E-mail address is
>         Thank you very much.
> Katherine Barkocy
Hi Katherine,

I am willing to help out but need more info about the assignment.  Is
this a literature review type of project or does it need to be an
experiment?  cathy
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