Subject: Re: Humpback feeding

Dr. Cathy Schaeff (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 09:41:46 +0000 wrote:
> It's how the humpbacks feeding and what kind of food they eat. The humpbacks
> are making a sound like a song, can you tell me why they making the sound and
> with what?
> Thank You!


Humpbacks are baleen whales rather than toothed whales. They eat
euphausids and small schooling fish.  They sometimes help each other
capture food by forming bubble nets which trap the prey in one area so
that the whales can swallow great gulps of food-filled water.

Humpbacks produce a number of sounds including very complex songs.  A
song can last from 6 to 35 minutes before it starts to repeat the
information and some whales have been recorded singing for up to 22
hours without stopping except to breathe.  Whales in particular regions
have distinct songs.  Unlike birds, humpback songs change both within a
given season and from year to year.  It is not known why they
change.\\\Hope that this information helps!  Good luck with your

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