Subject: General whale questions

Martine Berube (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 10:46:19 -0700

Question:  I am looking for a general overview of the situation with
whales today. Questions like: how many whales are there? How many and
which species are extinct or are endangered? What is their geographic
distributoin? Where are wahles most sighted around South America? What
is the general situation with whaling laws and conservation programs?
Whaich countries are engaged in whaling? Which countreis are engaged in
their conservation?

Dear Ed Haggard,
I hope you realize what you are asking me, which is basically everything
that is to know about whales. I can refer you to some addresses on the net
for different kind of information such as WHALENET as a first.  With the "
Marine Mammal links" you can get all the general information you requested.

For your last questions regarding laws, whaling etc. there is an
interesting site which is the High North Alliance
( which has for objective to defend the right of
coastal communities to utilize marine mammals sustainably, but it is our
hope that this site will also present fairly views in conflict with our
own. In addition, the International Whaling Commission
(  also will provide
insight into the conservation of whale stocks, the whaling industry and
will inform you about which countries are involved into conservation and
I don't know if you have the internet access during your trip, if not a
good general book on whales would be a good idea.
Some references:  Richard Ellis' book. 1980. The book of whales (Alfred A.
Knopf, Inc.) OR Leatherwood, S., Reeves, R.R., Perrin,W.P. and Evans, W.E.
1983. Sierra Club Handbook of whales and dolphions. San Francisco: Sierra
Club Books OR Leatherwood, S, Reeves, RR, Perrin, WF, Evans, W (1988)
Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of the Eastern North Pacific and Adjacent
Arctic Waters. A Guide to Their Identification. (Dover Publications, Inc.,
New York) AND FINALLY Gaskin, D.E. 1982. The Ecology of Whales and
Dolphins. Published by Heinemann. London and Portsmouth, New Hamphire.

Martine Berube
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California
Irvine, CA, 92697-2525