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Dear Okichuck,
The blue whale is classified as endangered species. In the late 1980s, some
advance in the hunting technology brought the Blue whales to the whalers
attention. In the 20th century around 350,000 animals were killed worldwide,
90% of these were in the Antarctic waters. The technology was quite
efficient as the species almost got extinct but finally after the 1965-66
whaling season the species was protected under official laws of the
International Whaling Commission. Today, it has been estimated that no more
than 3% of the former population remains, for example, in the Antarctic
water the blue whale population is approximately estimated between 650 and
1950 animals. A research survey made by Southwest Fisheries Science Center
has recently estimated the population that feeds in the summer along the
coast of California to be around 2000 blue whales. On the North Atlantic
side, the area where blue whales are the most observed is the Guld of St.
Lawrence where the number of whales was previously estimated at 60 to 100
individuals, but more recent estimates show that this number is really about
200. (Please note that these numbers are approximation.) For more
information, you can look at the Mingan Island Cetacean Study page found in
the WhaleNet site. This particular page gives you more references which can
help you in your work.
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