Subject: Re: Killer Whales questions

Courtney Stirling Casey (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 20:23:59 -0500 (EST)

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HI Sarah,
	I will do my best to answer your first question about how killer
whales interact with their environment, but if my answer is not enough
please be more specific with your question.  OK?  So, as with all animals,
the killer whale relies upon the constancy of it's environment to help
keep it alive.  The temperature of the ocean varies very little in killer
whale habitat.  The prevailing wind patterns circulate nutrients,
plankton and phytoplankton in a fairly predictable pattern. Similarly, the
salinity (the amount of salt) remains
relatively constant in the ocean.  So, as long as the temperature of the
oceans does not change dramatically,the salinity remains stable, and wind
patterns do not change too much killer whales will do just fine.  
	Now, onto your second question.  As far as I know, the killer 
whale has no natural predator.  I know that killer whales feed on squid
and seals, and occasionally attack baleen whales.  However, there is no
real predator of the killer whale.  Good luck with your report!


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> Subject: Killer Whales questions 
> Hello.  My name is Sarah.  I am a fourth grader at Nottingham Elementary
> school in Arlington, VA.  I am doing a report on Killer Whales.  I have 2
> questions.
> 1.  How does the environment interact with the Killer Whale?
> 2.  Who or what are the Killer Whales predators?