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Courtney Stirling Casey (
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 18:08:52 -0500 (EST)

	I know that beluga whales eat many type of prey items: small fish
such as herring and capelin, as well as larger fish scuh as cod.  Octopus
and squid are also prey items for belugas.  So, while I do not know how
deep belugas whales I can estimate based on what they eat.  Smaller fish
such as capelin and herring live in the mid-water column - around 50
meters, probably.  Large fish live deeper and the squid and octopus are
deep water (if not bottom dweeling) species - they can live in thousands
of meters of water.  The belugas dive to where there food is located.
	Female belugas probably give birth every other or every third
 year as gestation
in this species lasts 13-14 mo. with an extended nursing period. And,
females do not become sexually mature until they are about 7 years old. As
far as your question about the blow height in this species I could not
answer your question.  A great place to find out more about the beluga
whale is at:

Good luck.


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> Subject: Beluga Whales
> Dr. Stirlig
> I am doing a report on the Beluga Whale and am having trouble finding some
> specific information my teacher has asked for.  Hope you can help.
> How far down do Beluga Whales dive to get food?
> When they blow air out of their blowhole, how high it goes?
> How many off-spring do they have?
> Thank you.   
> 			Danielle