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Wed, 12 Nov 97 10:53:28 EST

At 10:22 11/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you have any pictures of whales that are in Alaska and Washington. I'm
>going on a trip and would like to be able to identify them. Thank You , Larry
Dear Larry:

Go to a bookstore, and look for one of the following books.  It will tell
you all you need to know about identifying Pacific whales.

Leatherwood, Stephen and Randall R. Reeves.  1983.  The Sierra Club Handbook
     of Whales and Dolphins.  Sierra Club Books, San Francisco.
Leatherwood, Stephen, Randall R. Reeves, William F. Perrin, and William E.
     Evans.  1982.  Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the Eastern North
     Pacific and Adjacent Arctic Waters, A Guide to Their Identification. 
     NOAA Tech. Rept. NMFS CIRC-444.  (reprinted by Dover Press)
Osborne, R., John Calambokidis, and Eleanor M. Dorsey.  1988.  A Guide to
     Marine Mammals of Greater Puget Sound.  Island Publications, Anacortes,

Dr. Bob

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