Subject: Marine Biologist Career

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Wed, 19 Nov 1997 14:30:42 -0500 (EST)

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> Subject: science related question
> i'm a sophmore in high school and i want to become a marine biologist.  what
> are some classes you would recommend to take in high school and in college?
>  also what colleges would you recommend to look at?  if you could could you
> give me websites for the colleges?  
>   thanks again
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In high school you should take the standard college prep sequence - four
years each of English, social studies, science, math, and foreign
language.  In college, i would concentrate on getting a good basic biology
education (meaning more math, physics, chemistry, and humanities, too),
and not try to concentrate too early on marine stuff.  And I don't know
any college websites except URI, which you can link to from my page on
Whalenet.  Any good internet search engine will give you lots - or ask
your guidance counselor, that's what they get paid for.  :-)

Dr. Bob
University of Rhode Island
(but answering from the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evalution Center,
Andros Island, Bahamas)