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>Am trying to locate info on first known species of whale  but do not know
>correct spelling. Can you help?
> Name is Pachysedes or pachyceidas

I think you must be referring to the oldest fossil whale known - which is
(although this lacked certain anatomical features required for directional
and efficient hearing in water and Ambulocetus is the earliest marine
archaeocete known to date).
Gingerich, P.D., Raza, S.M., Arif, M. Anwar, M, and Zhou, X. 1994.  New
whale from the Eocene of Pakistan and the origin of cetacean swimming.
Nature 368: 844-6.  describe a 46 million year old intermediate between land
mammals and later whales - which the authors describe as the "oldest whale
described from deep-neritic shelf deposits"

References on Pakicetus
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Martin, A.R. 1990.  The Illustrated Encylopedia of Whales and Dolphins.  New
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has a good section on the evolution of whales

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