Subject: Dolphin Bone

Lindsay J Porter (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:53:44 +0800

>A couple of years ago we went on vacation to Corfu, Greece. There we
>went sailing for 2 weeks. In a bay I went swimming and found, I think,
>a whale bone, but I don't know for sure. In many zoo's I tried to find
>out what bone it is, but the measures are all different than mine.
>I attached a drawing of the bone with the measures. If you reconize it
>or know what it could be could you mail me?
>Already thanks a lott
>Jurriaan Groot

Dear Jurriaan,
The bone is a vertebrae from a delphinid (I am pretty sure!) - but it shall
take me a few days to track down sufficient information to see if it is
possible to identify to species.  It is difficut from a bone in isolation as
age of dolphin has an effect on bone size (obviously), most classification
texts are for adults.  I shall see if I can narrow down the possibilities.
I shall respond by the end of the week.

best wishes

Lindsay J Porter

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The Swire Institute of Marine Science
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