Subject: How many whale species

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On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Richard T.E. Williamson wrote:

> Jen,
> I am doing a school project on my dads computer. 
> I want to know how many whale species are still alive today.
> Thanks,
> Tom

Tom -

There are 11 species of baleen whales alive today.  Remember that baleen
whales have baleen instead of teeth, so the sperm whale is not included.
Here are the species:

I. Right whales -
		Northern right whale
		Southern right whale
		Pygmy right whale

II. Rorqual whales -
		Blue whale
		Fin whale
		Sei whale
		Bryde's whale
		Minke whale
		Humpback whale

III. Gray whale -
		Gray whale 

Humans have not cause the extinction of any whale species, yet, though we
have eliminated certain populations of some species, such as the right

Thanks for your question!  Write back if you would like more info.

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