Subject: Questions on whales

Jen Philips (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:22:07 -1000 (HST)

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Sue Shirley wrote:

> Jen, 
> These questions are from my fifth grade science students who have been
> studying whales since September.  Thank you in advance for your
> answers.  
> >>From Reggie and Neil:  How long do you keep a whale if it gets
> >stranded?
> >>From Danielle and Anna:  Have you ever gotten hurt while rescuing a
> whale?  If so how?  What did you break?
> >>From Carry and Heather:  Do you ever think we'll know what the whales
> are saying to each other?
> >>From David and Mike K.: What was the largest whale ever stranded that
> you helped rescue?
> >>From Reggie and Neil: What species of whales live off the coast of
> Hawaii?  

Aloha again, 5th graders! 

Reggie and Neil:  How long do you keep a whale if it gets
> >stranded?  - Keeping a full sized whale would be very hard, because
there aren't very many tanks big enough for them.  But it is very very
rare for an adult whale to stand on the beach alive.  More often, they
have died at sea and then washed ashore.  Its sad.  BUT, much more often,
the calves of some whales wash ashore sick and needing help.  We try to
keep them as long as we think it takes for them to grow strong enough to
survive.  If that means a year, or longer, then that is what we do.  I
have only taken care of dolphins.  The longest we needed to keep a dolphin
was about 6 months.  After that he was released back into the ocean and
hopefully is healthy today.