Subject: Information on whale captivity

Jen Philips (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 17:20:13 -1000 (HST)

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Tinkertoe5 wrote:

> Hi, I'm doing a science project on marine mammal captivity.  Would you know
> where I could find information on the effect of captivity on marine mammals?
> Thank you very much.  
> Stephanie Shine

Hello Stephanie -  The issue of captivity of marine mammals is a big one -
there are a lot of people discussing it and arguing about it as a
potential problem, and one that should be dealt with carefully.  I'm
absolutely sure that you can find any kind of information on this if you
do a search for it using one of the search engines on the web, if you have
easy access to the web (which you might, since you were able to email me
this question).  Most likely, however, you will find pretty one-sided
information on the issue.  Many environmentalists and animal rights
activitists use the web as a forum for discussing their impressions of
captivity, but the other side of the story is often not as
available.  I would recommend that you look around the web, though, and
just keep in mind that you should present both sides of the issue when you
put together your science project.  Also, try your library - I'm sure
there are books your could look at.  As another idea, you can email some
people whom you find on the web to be involved with marine mammals -
either as researchers or as activists.  Maybe they could give you some

Well, good luck on your search!  Happy Holidays

Aloha -

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