Subject: Re: Whale Watching and Monterey Bay

KIm Marshall (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 16:52:07 -0500

Hi - your question as to whether to see whales in Baja, Mexico or Monterey
Bay is a close tie.  You can probably see whales in Monterey from late
December through late March.  Gray whales in the winter and blue, minke,
and orca later on.  I suggest contacting Chris's Fishermans Wharf at (408)
375-5951 or Randy's Fishing Trips at (408) 372-7440.

Mexico's Magdalena Bay will have gray whales with calves from mid-Jan
through mid-March.  You can also go out on charter boats from the more
southern places like La Paz and see dolphins, fin, humpbacks and grays -
even blue and sperm whales are seen in the Sea of Cortez at this time.

Try contacting Baja Expeditions at (800) 843-6967 or Biological Journeys at

Good luck and have a great trip!!


Hi Kim,
    I was hoping you might be able to help me figure out the details of a trip
I will take to Big Sur, California, so that I would be able to economically
include the best whale watching as well into the trip.
    I am trying to set up the dates to visit for a few days in Big Sur and
then to take a few days to either:
                         (1)   take a shuttle down to San Diego and then
travel to Baja to find a spot to boat out with guide and watch whales for a
couple of days, then fly home to Richmond, VA.
                         (2)   or stay in the vicinity and spend a few days
taking daily trips with a knowlegable tour guide out into Monterey Bay to
watch for whales, then fly home.

I want to take the trip in either later January or right after Valentines Day
in February.  The added expense of going south to Baja is not a problem if the
results are much  greater, but the convenience of staying around Monterey Bay
attracts me there if there are supposed to be whales in the area around that
time of year.

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