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Sat, 3 Jan 1998 11:42:12 -0500

Dear Allison, The difference between marine biology and marine science is
that marine biologists study the origins, history, physical
characteristics, habitgs etc. of plants and animals of the seas whereas
marine scientists might refer more to everything related to the seas like
currents and deep water trenches etc.

If you continue your path as a marine biologist you will be qualified to
partake in internships in a variety of studies including whale studies,
fish studies etc.

I have attached a copy of how to obtain a guide to careers related to
marine mammals - good luck!!

_The Dolphin and Whale Career Guide_ is more than a career guide for people
wishing to work in oceanaria as dolphin trainers. It is a comprehensive
sourcebook for anyone interested in cetaceans on any level, and contains
complete descriptions of the more than 150 dolphin and whale-related
organizations in the U.S. and Canada, including zoos and aquariums,
stranding centers, research groups, government organizations, conservation
groups, swim-with programs, dolphin-human therapy groups, schools,
professional organizations, and interest groups. The book covers the
history, purpose, resources, programs, memberships, publications, location,
and volunteer, intern, and job opportunities for each organization. The
book lists for $19.95, and will be available October 25th from the
publisher (Omega), and January 15th in national bookstore chains. Orders
are being taken now - for more information, visit the Omega website at, or contact them via phone, fax, or mail:

Phone: (312) 409-8891
Fax: (312) 663-5254
429 W. Ohio #123
Chicago, IL 60610


- Thomas Glen
(questions for me can be sent to - ordering
questions should go to the above addresses.)


>I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up, what is the difference of
>marine biology and marine science?
>If I am studying marine biology when I'm in college can I get a job helping
>marine biologists or some work in that field?
>Allison Warner

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