Subject: Recording to whales' songs

Tokitae (
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 00:15:50 -0500 (EST)

Your question is:

>We are a group of graduated french students. We are studying means 
>(hardware) to listen to whales'songs aboard a noisy (engine) boats.
>We would like to know how whales's songs are usually recorded (at which
>frequencies and recording level).
>Is this kind of hardware expensive ?

>Lots of thanks for your kind answer.

Good question. This is technical question beyond my field of knowledge,
although I understand that whale song frequencies may vary from baleen whale
calls around 20 Hz to high clicks and whistles around 20-25 kHz and
sometimes even higher. Generally I believe it is necessary to shut down the
engines in order to listen to whales. For more information I suggest you
contact John or Beverly Ford at Offshore Acoustics, 5454 Indian River Dr.,
N. Vancouver, BC, CANADA, V7G 1L3, or email to:

Good luck.