Subject: Marine Science

Tokitae (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 16:23:33 -0500 (EST)

	  My daughter, Maggie,  is in 6th grade this year and for the past
couple of years  has been very interested in Marine science.  I was
wondering if you would have any  words of encouragement for her.  She
has had a rapport with animals since she was a toddler and as of lately
she is interested in Orcas and Dolphins.  Are there
classes in High School that she should take to help out when she gets
into college?
	We found this site through an article in the Christian Science
Monitor.  The article is titled Make Your Own Waves On the Whale Wide
Web by Elizabeth Ross White.  The web sight is
	Thank you!
Naida Weinert

I would say Maggie has been blessed with that spark of fascination and
curiosity that is the primal energy for any interesting life or career. As
her parent you seem to know what to do - find resources in her chosen area,
share her interest. It's too soon to narrow her choices of school subjects,
but she should know that she'll need to do well in virtually all of them,
from math to science to literature and especially writing, to join in the
study of marine mammals.

Remind her also that the oceans have only begun to be looked at by science.
Not only has the scientific community only recently started to investigate
the life forms and processes that take place there, but incredible new
technology has recently been developed that allows us to experience the
ocean realm. Likewise, the study of the lives of whales and dolphins is in
its infancy. Very little was known about how they relate to their marine
environments and within their social and family groups until about 20 years
ago. Now we have a good start on field studies and much new information, but
all this new field data has still not been assimilated and understood in any
comprehensive way. There are many reports, anecdotes and information bits
that don't fit old theories, but new theories that take such things into
account have not yet been formulated.

So there is lots for curious and talented new marine mammal scientists to
become involved with. I wish Maggie the best.

Howard Garrett
PAWS Lolita Campaign Coordinator