Subject: Importance of whales

Tokitae (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 00:25:23 -0500 (EST)

Dear Mr. Garrett:

I am a 6th grader trying to complete a report on Beluga whales.  I have
most of the information I need except for two requirements my teacher
has asked for.  Would you please briefly answer the following two

1)  Why are Belugas (or whales in general) important?


2)  What role do Belugas (or whales) play in the environment?

Thank you for your attention to my question.

Cambria Odle

P. S.  I got a great deal of the information for this report from the
WhaleNet web site and the A.S.K. questions database.  Thanks again.

It's good to hear you are using the WhaleNet site for your questions. These
two questions are actually very big questions. I have a feeling that your
teacher wants you to try to think real hard about these questions yourself.
The first question is really about your outlook on the world, or your sense
of values. I can only say that I feel better knowing there are thriving
populations of cetaceans around the world. It's like a glow of health on a
person. It makes you happy to see it. Seeing lots of healthy whales, or just
knowing they are there, shows that the whole earth is healthy. It just feels
better. You must have your own thoughts on this. Your teacher wants your own

To answer the second question, you need to know what Belugas eat and any
other ways they may affect their environment. Whale feces are actually an
important fertilizer in marine ecosystems. I think if you look up a few
things about Belugas you can begin to see how they may affect the life
around them, and that will be your answer.

Howard Garrett
PAWS Lolita Campaign Coordinator