Subject: gray whales, social organization

Dagmar Fertl (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 07:09:57 -0500

     hi!  Thanks for your question.  Gray whales, like other baleen whales, 
     do not travel in groups or "pods."  They are relatively solitary, 
     hanging out by themselves for the most part.
     Marine mammal researchers like to avoid the use of "pod" for most 
     whales and dolphins, since "pod" implies that the animals are related 
     like a family. "Pod" works well for killer whales, since the group 
     members are blood-related, but not for other dolphins which spend time 
     loosely associated with one another (and not necessarily related to 
     one another), and certainly not for baleen whales which are not 
     considered to be social (especially compared to the toothed whales).

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Subject: gray whales
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How many gray whales are usually in a pod?