Subject: How do I become a marine mammal biologist?

Dagmar Fertl (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 16:10:18 -0500

     The Society for Marine Mammalogy put out a booklet on Strategies for 
     pursuing a career in Marine Mammal Science, which is presented in full 
     text at:
     I think that you will find all of your questions addressed there.  
     Best of luck!  You might be surprised to know that there are an awful 
     lot of marine mammal researchers that came from landlocked areas.

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Subject: How do I...?
Author:  Lora Vander Zwaag <> at ~smtp
Date:    2/6/98 10:41 AM

Hello!  My name is Lora and I am currently a junior at Muskingum College 
in Ohio majoring in Neuroscience with an emphasis in Psychology.  I have 
ALWAYS been interested in studying the behavior of cetaceans and am 
currently looking for a graduate school that could offer me something in 
this area.  Being from a state surrounded entirely by either land or 
freshwater, I'm having a bit of difficulty.  Do you know what I should 
do?  Or, do you know of any programs that could offer me an M.S. or Ph.D. 
in Animal Behavior?
Thanks you!