Subject: School, Biggest whale seen

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Fri, 6 Feb 1998 16:37:56 -0500

     Dear Lori,
     Thanks for your class' questions.
     1.  If you look thru the WhaleNet archives, I just answered a question 
     a few minutes ago that provided a website with information on how to 
     become a marine mammal biologist.  I went to undergraduate school for 
     4 years, and my Master's degree (graduate) took 5.5 years.  I want to 
     go back to school for a PhD, it will probably take an additional 4-5 
     years.  The length of graduate school time depends on what your 
     project is.  Projects that you did outdoors usually take longer 
     because you're dependent on equipment working right, and most 
     importantly, the weather.
2.  The biggest whale I've ever seen is a young blue whale in Monterey Bay, 
California (an adult blue whale can be 23 m or over 69 ft long).  I've seen 
other big whales in different areas including sperm whales and Bryde's whales in
the Gulf of Mexico, humpback and fin whales off the northeast United States, and
northern right whales off the Florida coast (from the air).

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Hi!  My name is Lori.  I go to a school in Blooming Prairie. I am nine.  My 
school has been studing whales
for quite a while.  My class just wanted to know if you could answer some 
questins.  1.How long did you
have to go to school?  2.How long was the biggest whale you have ever seen?
Lori Pirkl