Subject: Whale with a tusk

Dagmar Fertl (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 16:46:54 -0500

     Hi Michael, this is the narwhal that your child was talking about.  
     They live mostly above the Arctic Circle year-round.  The principal 
     distribution is from central Canadian Arctic, eastward to Greenland 
     and to the central Russian Arctic.  Rarely observed in the eastern 
     Russian Arctic, Alaska, or the western Canadian Arctic.
     I'd suggest looking at some field guides for a start.  Take a look at 
     today's WhaleNet archives, I just posted some information within some 
     of the messages about good books.  I believe that within the past 3 
     years or so, National Geographic had a big spread on this species (and 
     other Arctic marine mammals).
     I can tell you that the tusk is something that only the males have 
     (and just a few females).  It is thought that the tusk (just an 
     overgrown tooth) is for male-to-male competition for females.  Fish, 
     squid, and shrimp make up most of the diet.  
     Hope this helps.  I think if you go to the library or check on the web 
     (check the WhaleNet links) you should be able to locate a photo of 
     this critter.

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Subject: Whale with a tusk
Author:  "michael cooper" <> at ~smtp
Date:    2/5/98 5:03 PM

My child that is in the first grade says he is learning about a whale that 
has a tusk.  We would like to find out more information about such an 
animal.  Please let me know    where I might find some info and pictures. 
He says they live in the North Pole in the Atlantic Ocean on the East side 
of Canada.