Subject: school and marine biology

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Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:02:24 -0500

     While it is important to do well in biology, you actually need to do 
     well in all the sciences, math, and English.  Perhaps what you're 
     studying right now in biology is something that isn't really 
     interesting to you, which is making it difficult for you to learn.  I 
     had that problem when I took biology in college.  Funny enough, I 
     actually did better in classes that weren't strictly biology based, 
     but more based on ecology, psychology, or English.  As you probably 
     figured out, I still managed to study and work with marine mammals.  
     Just because you are interested in marine mammals, doesn't necessarily 
     mean you need to be a marine biologist to work with them.  There are 
     people with backgrounds in psychology who work with marine mammals, 
     and there are people who volunteer at different marine parks (when 
     they're older) who don't necessarily want to *study* marine biology, 
     but are interested in it, and have learned about it.  
     It's been really great to work with marine mammals.  I have worked 
     with bottlenose dolphins in captivity (at a research lab at the Univ 
     of HI) and have studied wild dolphins and whales.  I personally prefer 
     to study the wild animals, because it's a chance for me to see the 
     animals in their natural environment.  It can be lots of fun, but it's 
     also lots of hard work.  For every hour you spend out on the boat, you 
     probably spend 4-5 hours in an office analyzing the data you 
     collected.  We don't get to swim with, feed, or pet the animals either 
     (it's against the law to do so in the U.S.).
     I hope that answers your question, Meredith.  Hang in there with 
     Biology.  General biology is an important foundation for later on.
     Good luck!

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Subject: hi!!
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Date:    2/8/98 11:27 AM

  my name is meredith. i am in the 9th grade and i have wanted to be a marine
biologist for a realy long time. i have always been a good student but this 
year i am having trouble in biology, this has upset me very much because i 
want to go into a type of that feild. so my question is will i be able to do 
it if i cant do good in the first study of biology? i also wanted to know what 
its like to be able to work with such beautiful creatures? my favorite kind of 
marine life is the orca. i have been to sea camp in the keys and i am very 
excited about someday working with the sean i love. do you think you could 
tell me about it and what its like? i thank you very much for listening, and i 
hope you are having fun!!!! someday maybe i will see you there......
   meredith laurence