Subject: Narwhal

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Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:22:15 -0500

     Hi, Jenny.  You might want to look thru the WhaleNet archives for a 
     narwhal question/answer that relates somewhat to your own.
     The most important factor driving distribution of the narwhal may be 
     fluctuations in the distribution of sea ices.  In colder periods, 
     narwhal may be seen off southern Greenland, but in warmer periods it 
     is assumed that they stay in the northern regions or go westwards at a 
     higher latitude and cross the Davis Straight north of Holsteinborg or 
     at Disko.  The southerly migrating narwhals are thought to follow the 
     Canadian current.  During periods when the West Greenland current 
     advances further north than usual, the narwhals seem to stay at a 
     higher latitude for a longer period during autumn and winter.  {you 
     might need a grownup to help you with this and a map?}
     The estimates for narwhal populations are based on each population.  
     The well known population in Davis Strait-Baffin Bay was estimated in 
     1980 at 22,500 to 32,500.  I know that the estimate is old, I 
     apologize for not being able to quickly locate more recent 
     information.  This was published in the IUCN Red Data Book: Dolphins, 
     Porpoises, and Whales of the World by Margaret Klinowska in 1991.
     I also apologize for taking some long to write back.  I was very sick 
     at home for five days.
     Good luck with the report!

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Subject: Narwhal
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Date:    2/7/98 6:10 PM

My name is Jenny Howell . I am a fourth grader at Lindsey Elementary in 
Chesterland, Ohio.  I am doing a report on the Narwhal, but I haven't been 
able to find much information on the www.  Can you tell me what the current 
population of the narwhal is ?  I would also like to find out its migration 
patterns.  Do you have any suggestions on where I can find this.  Thank you 
very much!