Subject: Stingrays/Manta Rays

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Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:06:22 -0500

     Hi, sorry I took some long to write back to you.  I was out with the 
     flu for five days; I'm sure you understand.
     Since I'm not a marine biologist by training, I had to ask around 
     about your ray questions.  The largest ray is an eagle ray with a wing 
     span of 11.5 ft (this is the largest on record).  The largest manta 
     ray (measured wingspan - width) is an unconfirmed 29.5 ft!  Wow!
     Ah, on to the mammal question.  Three holes on the underside of a 
     manatee.  Let me see if I can explain this ok.
     Both male and female manatees have "bellybuttons" of sorts.  There is 
     then a genital slit (for females, this leads to the vagina, for males, 
     this is where the penis is).  There is then the anus.  Males have 
     their genital slit closer to the anus (by the tail) than the females 
     Are these the three holes you're talking about?  If not, try to 
     describe this a little better to me.

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Subject: Stingrays/Manta Rays
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Date:    2/7/98 3:35 PM

What is the largest stingray and it's size?  What is the largest a Manta ray 
can get?  There are three holes on the underside of a manatee (I think), what 
is the correct terminology for them and what are they all used for?