Subject: Orca training,captivity

Dagmar Fertl (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:42:16 -0500

     Hi Julie,
     Wow, that's a big question.  I helped train dolphins at a research lab 
     in Hawaii and assume that the same principles are involved for killer 
     whales.  A really good book to read is:
     Karen Pryor.  Lads to the Wind.  (sorry, the title escapes me at the 
     moment, but I think that's right).  Karen Pryor is a famous animal 
     Perhaps you might look and see if SeaWorld has information on how 
     their whales are trained?
     As far as reacting to life in captivity, that would depend on what you 
     mean by react.  The whales are certainly maintained as healthy as they 
     can be, but in my opinion, these whales need much more space than they 
     are given, and probably do suffer from being uprooted from their 
     family, since their social groups are based on family ties.

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Subject: I need HELP!!!
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Date:    2/11/98 2:18 PM

 Hello.  My name is Julie and I need some specific information on Orcas.  I am
working on my senior paper and I can't find the information that I need.  I 
need to know some information on how they are trained and how they react to 
living in captivity.