Subject: Whale Times in Hawaii

Phil Colla (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:08:57 -0800

>I am traveling to Hawaii in the fall of '98 and would like info on the
>mating season and or whale watching while in the Islands.Thank you for
>your response.

Whales begin to arrive in the Hawaiian islands in late November and
December, and stay until mid April to early May.  Whale watching is
best in February and March, since that is usually when the greatest
concentration of "active" whales (those giving a "show") is.  Earlier
than that, you will find a relatively higher proportion of whales that
are resting following the trip down from Alaska.  Later than March or
so, the proportion begins to skew towards cows and calves that are
resting and nurturing, preparing the calves for the journey back north.

Keep in mind that, although we have circumstantial evidence that mating
and calving occur in Hawaiian waters, and we have documented a humpback
placenta in Hawaii, noone has witnessed and documented a birth or an
instance of mating.

Phil Colla

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