Subject: Coral reefs and whales

Dagmar Fertl (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 07:42:27 -0500

     Dear Caitlin,
     At the office, I work on environmental impact statements. On the side, 
     I am working on a paper reviewing remora associations with whales and 
     I will pass your message to the coral reef expert so that he can get 
     in touch with you himself.  I don't want everyone writing to him with 
     their questions, unless that's something he feels comfortable about. I 
     hope you understand.
     Killer whales are indeed very cool animals.

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Subject: coral reefs and whales
Author:  Mike Zozakiewicz <> at ~smtp
Date:    2/13/98 9:32 PM

Dear Ms. Fertl,
        Thank you for responding to my e-mail.  What are you researching
presently?  Could you let me know how to reach the coral reef expert?
        I find whales most fascinating.  But I already did 1000 reports 
on them so I tried something different.  I really like Orcas. They are 
my favorite animal.