Subject: Blue whale and food chain

Phil Colla (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 14:48:05 -0800

>Where does the Blue Whale fit on the food chain?

Near the top.

Since very few animals prey on blue whales, blue whales
are near the top of their chain.  Orcas are known to harass
and likely eat blue whales, and perhaps false killer whales
(Pseudorca crassidens) prey on blue whales also.

The blue whale food chain is short!  Instead of preying
upon fish and other animals that reside in the middle of
the ocean's food chain, blue whales go almost to the
very "bottom" of the food chain to prey upon krill.  Krill are small
shrimplike creatures the mass in huge clouds in the open ocean.
Blue whales have evolved to eat krill because there simply is
not enough biomass of other types (fish, etc) to sustain
their massive body size and which they can catch.

Phil Colla

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