Subject: Laguna Beach Marine Science project ideas

Phil Colla (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 19:35:59 -0800

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>Can you please suggest a couple
>of marine science experiment and research projects that would stun my
>teachers.  I am in my senior year of high school and have been in advanced
>science classes so I need a project that would be complex enough for the

Consider comparing the distribution of fishes between dive sites that

  a) heavily visited by divers versus rarely visited by divers
  b) heavily fished versus rarely fishes (by line fisherman)
  c) protected (reserves) versus unprotected.

Look at population density, sitings of different species, counts
of mature (breeding) animals, etc.  But beware -- you need to also
include an account of other related factors, such as bottom terrain
and nearby kelp beds, protection from surf and rain runoff, etc.

Here's another idea: compare how quickly algae accumulates on
a given stratum (like wood or plastic) in various locations underwater.
Deep, shallow, rocky, sandy, still, surgy, etc.  Attempt to explain
why the accumulation rate differs in various places.  You ought to be
able to generate your samples in 1-3 weeks I would think.

Perhaps these ideas will give you an idea of your own.  Good luck.

Phil Colla

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