Subject: Another Question about Marine Mammalogists

Phil Colla (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:08:36 -0800

At 04:33 PM 2/23/98 EST, you wrote:
>What do you call the people who work for N.O.A.A. who tag the whales with a
>radar like device so they can monitor them anywhere in the world?

I think I answered a similar question for you last week, but here it is again:

I refer to people who work with whales, dolphins, seals and manatees
"Marine Mammologists" or "Marine Mammal Scientists".
These are people who study marine mammals in general.  Each
marine mammologist usually has a particular animal on which his work
or research is focussed.

I don't know that there are special names beyond "marine mammalogist",
even for someone who tags whales or works with NOAA.  One researcher who
does a lot of tagging of whales is John Calambokidis who co-founded
Cascadia Research.

Phil Colla

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