Subject: El Nino effecting gray whale migration?

Phil Colla (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:01:15 -0800

>Has El Nino effected the migration pattern of whales? I will be in the
>Mendocino area the last weekend of March. Will there be an opportunity
>for whale watching at this time? Do you have any suggestions on where to
>view the whales or any cruises that I can do?

I don't know if it has affected their (gray whale) migration.  It may be
too early to tell, and if someone is studying this his paper may not be
published for a while.

I did a quick web search about whale watching in San Francisco and found
a few URL's.  Since San Francisco is not TOO far from Mendocino, their
information may be helpful to you and they can possibly recommend some
companies to contact for whale watching in Mendocino.  There is a whale
festival in Mendocino on March 2-3.

Phil Colla

Phil Colla,
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