Subject: Communication and Effects (fwd)

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Subject: Whale Communication and Effects

     Hi Lucila,
     I don't have any information for you regarding your question.  It's a 
     really good question though.  It's something that would be difficult 
     to study.  I would suspect that it's kind of the same situation that 
     it is for humans.  There appears to be evidence for humans that babies 
     in utero can hear some sounds that mom could hear, and respond.  So, I 
     think that the baby whale might move around in response to hearing mom 
     or other whales making sounds.

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Subject: Whale Communication and Effects
Author:  "CLAUDIA S CRENA" <> at ~smtp
Date:    2/28/98 6:28 PM

My name is Lucila. I am doing a science proposal for school and I would 
like to know if you have any information on the following questions:
Does the sound of other whales influence a baby whale(calf?) development? 
If so, does it matter if the sound comes from the mother, a whale of the 
specie or any whale?
If it's possible, I would need the info by tuesday.
Thank you very much for reading this email,