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Subject: Alaskan whale population -Reply
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Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail. From the National
Marine Fisheries, I was able to obtain the 1996 Five Year Status of
Stocks Review under the ESA. From NOAA, we got the 1995 Alaska
Marine Mammal Stock Assessment.  Although neither document
clearly set forth the information that we needed, I was able to sift
through the two of them and find the pre-whaling population and
the most current population estimates for the Alaskan Blue,
Humpback, Bowhead, Beluga, Gray, and Right whales.

My daughter's dad has been a part of the Bowhead whale count in
Pt. Barrow, Alaska for the last two ro three years, so he was
already familiar with the difficulties associated with attempting to
manage sea mammals.  I wasn't, and this has been a good
learning experience for me.  It has also been eye-opening for my
daughter, whose conclusion to her science fair project is that all
whaling should be banned, including subsistence whaling. 
Needless to say, that is quite a hot topic up here.

Thank you again for your time and your help. This web site is