Subject: On Whales. Read all about it!

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Thu, 05 Mar 1998 01:00:56 -0500

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> >can you send me some goode hard info about whales, im doing a project in 8
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Dear Friend:

Whales are among the most magnificent animals you can imagine. The
largest creature ever to have lived on our planet is a whale (about 30
meter or 90 feet in length): the blue whale. They have been among us for
about 50 million years.  In that time they have diversified into many
species some of which have become extinct by now.  They (the baleen
whales) feed mostly on invertebrates and show a range of remarkable
behaviors: social structure, complicated reproductive strategies,
harmonious and intricated sounds...

You can find more about them in your local library. Try to choose either
species (blue, minke, grey, humpback, etc.) or a topic (communication,
migration, reproduction, etc.) that you feel intrigues you the most and
enjoy reading. I promisse that you will never stop being amazed by their

Best wishes,

Aldemaro Romero, Ph.D.