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Subject: On grey whales
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> Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 22:22:50 -0500 (EST)
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> To: aRomero@ACC.FAU.EDU,
> Subject: grey whales...
> Hello...i am a 4th grader, and doing a report on grey whales.  I would like to
> know the effects of the human enviornment on whales, as in oil spills,
> whalers, and pollution.  I would also like to know why they Breech?  You may
> reply to this address, its my aunts, but she wil give me the information.
> Thank You.
> Kareem Hurani
> 4th grader, Carr Elementary School

Dear Kareem:

Whaling has been responsible for decimating many whale populations and
given their low rate of recovery it is quite possible that many whale
and dolphin species will remain endangered for a long time.  Regarding
pollution we know that whales and dolphins stay away from it, but
obviously can be affected in many ways.  One of them, which is being
disussed right now, is the possible effect of many pollutants in
decreasing the ability of the immune system (that is, their ability to
defend themselves from diseases) to respond to a series or
microorganisms, especially viruses.

Regarding strandings, well there are many theories that include
diseases, disorientation, and rather unexplained social behaviors.  Most
probably more than one cause, and sometimes more than one acting at the
same time, are responsible for the phenomenon.

Best wishes,

Aldemaro Romero, Ph.D.