Subject: Threats to narwhals

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Subject: Threats to narwhals 
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> Subject: narwhal whales
> how does the narwhale protect itself from danger?

Other than humans, killer whales, polar bears, and maybe walruses are
the only enemies of narwhals. The Inuit believe that that narwhals enter
ice-covered fiords in spring because killer whales are lurking offshore
in the open waters. Because of their high dorsal fin, killer whales do
not do well within the pack ice.  It seems that polar bears attack
narwhals trapped in ice.  There are also observations of walruses eating
dead narwhals but there is not any observation (as far as I know) of
walruses attacking these cetaceans. Remember that it is not infrequent
for polar bears to leave behind carcasses of their preys. The same can
be said of sharks.

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