Subject: Math and Marine Biology

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> my name is dariana burbano, i am 15 years old and want to become a marine biologist.
> for my high school math class assignment i have to find out about this occupation
> and how important math is in it.
> what education is required to become a marine biologist, and what math courses did
> you take throughout your education?

You must have a college education in science, majoring in biology. The
most used form of mathematics in marine biology is statistics.
> what kind of salary range and benefits can a marine biologist expect?

Very little, especially if in academia. It usually ranges from $25,000
up to 100,000 (in very special cases that involves administration). If
working for the private sector there may be better paid jobs in areas
such as fisheries.
> what is your daily routine, and when do you actually use math in it?

Routine varies greatly. Some marine biologists are strongly field
oriented; others are more lab oriented, and then there are the ones who
are more theoretical. Math is used generally to analyze the data you

> thank you for your time!
> sincerely,
> dariana
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