Subject: marine animals used for research

Leah Gerber (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 10:18:59 -0800

At 01:01 AM 3/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi, I'm  a teacher of gifted students in Lake Zurich, Il. and have
>students in grades 2-5.  Currently they are working on research projects
>revolving around anything to do with ocean life, marine biology, etc.
>Two students are very interested in learning which animals are used for
>medical research.  They have already learned that the horseshoe crab and
>squid are used, but are interested in knowing about other sea
>creatures.  Thanks for any help you can give them. (Their names are
>Tiana and Kiersten.)

Hi Tiana and Kiersten,

Thanks for your questions.  Many marine species are used for medical
research.  A number of kelp species have both commercial and medical
applications.  Hundreds of fish and invertebrate species are studied in the
fields of immunology, toxicology and anesthesiology.  Also, in some
'alternative' fields of medicine, dolphins and other charismatic marine
species are notable for their medicinal and theraputic qualities!

Hope this helps. Good luck.