Subject: Killer Whales

Leah Gerber (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:27:19 -0800

At 08:42 PM 3/17/98 EST, you wrote:
>I'm a fifth grader and doing a reseach project on Killer Whales. It would be
>helpful if you'd answer the following questions: Do they only live in the
>Pacific Ocean? Do babies leave their families at birth? Lastly, how many
>Killer Whales are alive? Why?
>Could you kindly send this information by March 19 1998? It would be so
>helpful if you did. Remember that this has to answer my questions and other
>important information.
>Thank You


I have had trouble with my email so I am sorry that I did not respond right
away to your questions about killer whales. Killer whales do live in the
Pacific Ocean. Generally babies stay with mothers for the first several
years of life. When male animals get old enough, they usually swim away
from the family or 'pod'.  In the North Pacific there are less than 1000
killer whales alive today. Some populations were hunted to very low numbers
decades ago and may not have fully recovered yet.  Today the whales are
protected and seem to be doing very well.