Subject: Whale Bones for a project

Leah Gerber (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 22:25:41 -0800

At 01:16 PM 3/21/98 EST, you wrote:
>Hi Leah,
>My name is Julie and I am an 8th grader in Southern New Hampshire.  A friend
>and I are doing a big science project on Whales .... As part of our project,
>we are trying to find out how we can get a(some) sample(s) of whale bones.
>have checked some local resources and have come up empty handed ... Can you
>provide any assistance by directing us to places where we could get some?  We
>have a deadline of the second week of April for our preliminary display.
>Thank You Very Much

Dear Julie,

Sounds like an interesting project you are working on.  A federal permit is
required to keep marine mammal parts, including bones. So it may be
difficult to aquire bones on a long-term basis. For short term use I would
reccomend that you contact local aquariums as most usually have materials
available for educational displays. Good luck!