Subject: humpback migration

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>	My name is Erin Goodson.  I am a sophomore at St. Mary's College High School
>in Berkeley Ca.  I am doing a project for a  honors biology class I am
>It is on the migration patterns of Hawaiian humpback whales.  If you could
>please send me some information I would be very happy :)  My main questions
>Would the fact that Hawaii is becoming more populated affect the migration
>patterns of the whales?
>What are the migration patterns of the humpback whales, and what were they 5,
>10, 15, or 20 years ago?
>	Thank you very much for your time,
>					Erin Goodson
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>					El Sobrante Ca.
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Dear Erin,

Humpback whales which breed and calve in Hawaii generally migrate to Alaska
to feed during summer months.  They are identified by individual markings
on their tails. There have been a few sightings of 'Hawaiian' humpbacks in
Japan, British Columbia and California.  It does not appear that migration
patterns have changed over the past few decades. In recent years the
abundance of humpback whales in Hawaii has increased, so it is unclear how
migration patterns would be affected by human influences. 

Hope that helps!