Subject: Right Whale

Leah Gerber (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 18:59:00 -0800

At 11:17 AM 3/25/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Leah
>My name is Jeanette. I am 9 years old. I am in third grade. I am 
>studing about a Right Whale.I have questions to ask you.
>Here are some questions.
>How do you train Right Whales?
>How do you catch Right WHales?
>Why is the Right Whale called Right Whale.
>>From Jeanette Cheng.

Dear Jeanette,

Thank you for your interest in right whales. Right whales were originally
named because they were the 'right' whales to catch. The meat of right
whales was considered to be a delicacy, and the animals move slowly so they
were relatively easy to catch.  They were caught using a harpoon.  I am not
sure how you would train a right whale.

Good luck, Leah