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Dear all, Thank you for your questions. You will find my answers below.
Have fun! Leah

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>We are e-mailing questions from fourth graders at Truro Central School. 
>They have completed a 
>whale unit which is incorporating technology.  Thank you for reviewing
>these questions.
>Fourth Grade Class
>Truro Central School
>How many different kinds of whales have you seen?   Nick M

I have seen 13 different species of whales.

>Which whale is the smallest you have seen?  Jared M

Dolphins and porpoises are much smaller than whales. Baby whales are also
smaller. For example, baby humpback whales are usually about 15 feet long.

>How did you get the job of working with whales?  Ansel M

I became interested in conservation when I was in college. My research
experiences led me to specialize in marine mammal science.

>What kinds of whales do you see the most? Arianna K

Gray whales are very easy to see from the shore in California, Oregon, and

>How far can whales travel before they get tired?  Bronson Z. 

Whales can travel very long distances before getting tired. For example,
humpback whales swim from Alaska to Hawaii.

>Have you seen a male and a female mate? Kayla W.

No, I have not seen mating. Very few scientists have seen this.

>Have you seen a feamale Minke? Kayla W.

Yes, I have seen minke whales while doing a ship survey in the Channel
Islands, California.

>What days do you work with the whales? Kayla W.

I usually spend about 2 months per year doing research on whal

>Have you seen any finback whales? NICO K.

Yes, I also saw finbacks in the channel islands.

>What do baleene whales usually eat? Codie W.

Baleen whales usually eat small fish and invertebrates.

>Where do you go to learn about the whales?Eve R.

You may study whales at many coastal Universities and Research labs
throughout the U.S.

>Have you seen Orcas under water? Eve R. 

No, I haven't!

>Have you swam with a dolphin? Brandon C 

No, but I did swim with a humpback whale.

>Do you have a favorite whale?  Kali A

I like all whales!

>Thank you!  Another section of fourth graders will be sending their
>questions tomorrow.