Subject: Pygmy Killer Whales

Leah Gerber (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 15:50:47 -0800

At 09:52 PM 3/24/98 EST, you wrote:
>I have been assigned a report on Pygmy Killer Whales and can find very little
>information on them in my local library.   Would you please answer the
>following questions for me as soon as possible?  I would really appreciate
>your help.  By the way my mom is typing this I am a 3rd grader and eight
>old.  Thank you!
>1.  What does it look like?  (size, color, special features)
>2.  Where does it live?
>Interesting facts about this whale.
>I also need a picture but if you could help me with some of the answers above
>it would be great.  Thanks.  

Dear Brett,

Pygmy killer whales grow to be about 2.5 meters long. The body is slender,
the head rounded, and there is no beak. The pygmy killer whale has a
prominent dorsal fin. The animals are usual black or dark gray, and usually
variable amounts of while on the belly and lips and chin.

Very little is known about this species. It is a tropical species, living
in Hawaiian and Polynesian waters. There are few records of its presence
along the west coast of North America.

I hope this helps.