Subject: whale studies

Leah Gerber (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:41:57 -0800

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>Dear Leah,
>My name is Stefanie and I am in third grade studying about whales.
>I am 9 years years old.Are there more Baleen whales than toothed 
>whales? Are there more than one Fin whale? How ca you tell a Male from 
>a Female? What is the smartest whales? How many different kinds of 
>whales are there? What is the smallest whale? What is the most hunted 
>whale? what is the most popular and un popular whale? How do whales 
>give birth undre the water? What whale has the most population. Does 
>the Fin whale have predaors? Does any whale kill another whale? What 
>is the fatest and heavyest whale. What is the fastest whale?
>>From Stefanie

Dear Stefanie,

I am glad to hear that you are studying whales. To answer your questions,
there are more toothed whale species than baleen whale species. There are
several populations of Fin whales living in many oceans. It is difficult to
tell a male from a female for many species of whales.  For others it is
easier. For example, killer whales have a very tall dorsal fin which allows
easy identification. For other whales, we can determine the sex genetically
with a skin sample.  Minke whales are likely the most hunted whales.
Killer whales sometimes may predate on fin whale calves.  The blue whale is
the biggest whale. Small toothed whales can travel much faster than large
baleen whales.

I hope this will help.