Subject: Whales and temperature

Lindsay J Porter (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:18:28 +0800 (HKT)

>What temperature water do whales usually live in?  Meaghan M. (fourth grade)

Different species of whales live in different temperatures of water -
tropical whales being found in up to 30 degrees Celcius and polar species in
temepratures less than 0 deg. C.  These , however, are water surface
temperatures - waters at depth being a fairly constant 'cold' temperature
(less than 5 deg C.) throughout the oceans.  The average temperature of the
worlds oceans is  3.5 deg C.  Some whales migrate between temperature
regimes, e.g., Right whales which move from the Bay of Fundy to the
Carribean (past Cape Cod) and Grey whales which move down the west cost of
the USA from northeast Canada to Baja, California.  

hope this help!
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