Subject: Humpback whales

Lindsay J Porter (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:29:55 +0800 (HKT)

>Hi. I am a natural history documentary TV Producer doing some research for a
>script on whales. Please can you tell me what the latest theory is as to why
>whales breach and lobtail? I would also like to know who is the best person to
>call for questions on Humpback vocalisations.
>Thank you,

Dear Tria,
There has been a lot of work on humpbacks (and I assume you mean the whales
here - not the dolphin).  

Dr Phil Clapham has been working on this species for several year and  is
considered an authority.  I suggest contacting him (below) for an expert opion

Phil Clapham
Smithsonian Institution

Also, try looking on the websites

Humpback Whale Adoption

3D animation of feeding humpbacks

Hawaiian Humpbacks

Hervey Bay, Australian humpbacks

Sorry I can't be of more help
best wishes

Lindsay J Porter
Dolphin Research Group
The Swire Institute of Marine Science
The University of Hong Kong
Cape d'Aguilar
Hong Kong